Contractors & Builders

Contractors and Builders

We build windows according to your exact project specifications. We can use your architectural plans to complete take-offs for you, or you can provide us with the exact measurements down to the nearest 1/8 inch. We pride ourselves on completing your order on time, every time, with no back orders.

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Bar-T Windows manufactures energy efficient windows in an attractive slim-line frame. Our Series 10 window frame depth is 2 15/16” providing a solid frame structure for secure installation in both new construction and replacement projects. We carry three frame colors – white, tan/adobe and clay/sandstone.


Our picture window optimizes glass surface area at 85% of the total window system, which provides superior energy efficiency compared with many larger-profile frame systems. Bar-T uses double-strength glass 1/8” thick in a 3/4“ completed IG. We offer Low-E glass with 270 and 366 coatings, and argon gas can be added within the insulated glass unit for even higher energy efficiency.

Lite patterns

Any standard grid pattern can be included in the IG, as well as many custom grid patterns. We use both 5/8″ and 3/4“ muntin bars and can also attach simulated divided lites (SDLs) for added design characteristics.

Sash system and hardware

For our single-hung operable windows, our side-load design minimizes air infiltration while still offering a simple sash removal system for easy cleaning. You can opt for either equal or oriel sash heights. The single-hung unit uses a block and tackle balance system that will not be damaged by acidic cleaning materials used heavily with new construction masonry.


Warranty We provide you and your customer with a lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship as long as the owner owns the home. Bar-T’s windows are in projects ranging from remodeled homes to large residential complexes.